Broken IFE

During my flight to Cancun, I choose to seat on an emergency row so I could get up whenever I wanted since I was traveling solo.

After departure I tried to pull up the IFE, however to my luck it would not stay in place. It would just fall back, and if not careful, hit my leg. I was not the only one dealing with this issue, the other two passengers in my row had the same issue.

I knew that there was no point in complaining to a flight attendant as there was nothing they could do. So I waited until I had time back on the ground to contact AA. I tried twice via twitter but got no response either time.

So I finally emailed customer service and explained the situation, including the fact that I had booked this flight using miles.

A couple of days later, I received a response and was offered 2,000 miles for the inconvenience. So while not a lot of miles as an apology, this meant that my flight had only cost me 11,500 miles plus tax, which ended up being a good deal, since a one way ticket had been priced at over $250 around the time I booked my trip.

Better news  is that now Flight Attendants will have the power to credit miles for inconveniences while in the air.

However the point that I am trying to make, is that we are still customers when getting on a plane, and we do have the right to complain about issues that might make our trip less enjoyable.

Just remember to do it in a polite and professional way.