AA – Baggage Fee Refund

Back in July I was traveling back from Las Vegas to Dallas with AA. I have the Citi Aadvantage Credit Card, which allows me to travel with 1 free bag per passenger in my reservation (up to 8) anywhere in the US.

I have used the perk before and this time I thought it would be no different than before. However that was far from the case. Somehow to do my check-in I was being asked for my Passport information, but that is information for another post.

When I tried to check-in at the airport and get my baggage tag I was being charged $25 usd. I spoke with an individual who redirected me to a check-in agent to assist me with the matter.

Luck would have it that I had forgotten my CC back at home and therefore I had no proof that I was a cardholder and was allowed to receive 1 piece of free luggage. The agent was not only rude but came up with an excuse about my name being wrong in the reservation as the reason why I was being charged. He said for me to pay the fee and then contact Citi, and so I did.

As soon as I got to the Amex Centurion Lounge I contacted Citi and they responded very fast with a very polite no. They asked me to contact AA as they needed to be the ones to refund me the charge.

When I got home I contacted AA Customer Relation via email. I got a response within the day that my case would be reviewed and I would be contacted to let me know what would happen next.

Due to another long trip I had planned I decided to wait on the email, which never came. However while checking my personal finances few weeks later, I found out that AA had indeed refunded me the fee within 3 days of my email to them.

Later on I realized that I might know why I was charged for my bag even with the AA card. My itinerary was multi-city, with a final destination in Mexico, and even though I get a free piece of luggage within the US, I think the system wanted to charge me due to my final destination, which was Mexico, (AA no longer offers free luggage to anywhere in Mexico) and not where my stop-over was (Dallas) , even though there were going to be 6 weeks between both flights.

If I am correct, then now I know that anytime there is a multi-city itinerary which ends at a country with no free luggage there might be a fee. You can try contacting Customer Relation like I did and hopefully it will be refunded.

I now have Gold which allows me to have 1 piece of luggage regardless of destination, but this is something to be aware of for those who have no elite status with AA.




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