Lyft Overcharge

Back in July I went to Vegas to celebrate a birthday. It was the first time I would be using a lyft in Vegas, as in my previous visits I had taken a shuttle service to the hotel. However now there are many options at LAS, including Lyft and Uber.

Finding the area for pick-up was no easy task, as at the time it was not well identified. You could see a few signs here and there but you would have to do a bit guessing and hope you were getting out the right door, or crossing the right walk-bridge.

After finding the area, I requested a ride ( I did not want to have a driver waiting as I did not know how long it would take me to find the correct place to be picked up at). After a few minutes of waiting (the cars wait outside the airport so they have to drive quite a bit to come pick you up).

When the driver picked us up I knew my fare estimate would be around 10-12 usd as my hotel was just a mile away. However the ride was quite long and the driver said he was avoiding traffic, which can build up on the strip rather fast and be a bit slow at times. It took almost 30 minutes to get to the hotel, and at that moment I knew something was not right. The hotel entrance for ridesharing services at the Linq is towards the back of the hotel which means the driver would never have to get on the strip.

And I was right, as soon as we got dropped off I received a bill for $22 usd. As it was late and needed to take a bit of a walk just to get to the reception (I will avoid the Linq next time) I choose to email Lyft the next day.

The next morning after veryfing the route we had taken against the fastest one, I sent an email to customer service to have them look into the matter. The reply did not take long, and just a few hours later I was given an adjustment from $22 to $15. Not what the estimate had been when I requested the vehicle the night before, but still cheaper and more reasonable than what I had been charged.

It is always important to get your numbers together when using any service (Lyft, Uber, etc) as it is very easy to be taken advantage off by drivers with not good intentions. I have used lyft several times and I had never had nor have had this issue happen again. Always contact Customer Service as soon as you can and give them whatever information you can provide so they can look into it. Customers can ask the driver to take a different route than the one the drivers’ app provides, so it is important to know that it can be misused to obtain a better and more expensive fare from the customer.


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