Silvercar at LAX

I have used Silvercar once in Miami and it was by far the best renting experience with a car company, so they were my immediate choice when going to LA.

Upon arrival at LAX, I had to wait for awhile as my plane had arrived to early for me to pick up the vehicle. After walking around to get some exercise, and get to know how to move around between some of the terminals, the time arrived for me to text Silvercar for pick-up.

I was first redirected upstairs to the Alaska check-in area in Terminal 6. The text said to “look for their sign”, which was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later I get a call to let me know that my driver cannot see me, which makes me wonder what he is looking at as there is no way for him to know who I am anyway.

I tell the caller that I cannot see the driver, and he then tells me to look for a grey minivan, which later on I discovered was a Ford Passenger Van, that had passed me and was now a few feet ahead, so I get walking.

I apologized to the driver as I did not see any sign (there was no visible sign anywhere that I could find) and I had not been told that I would be picked up in a mini-van.

Picking up the car was quickly and in no time I was on my way to see LA for a 24-hour visit.

The following day I was running behind a bit to return the vehicle. However according the Silvercar’s website there is a 30 minute grace period from the schedule drop-off time. I had rented the car for just 24 hours so if I did not return it on time I could face a fee charge for 1/4 of a day rental cost.

I returned the car with 5 minutes to spare. I took my ride back to LAX and did not think much of it until I was sitting in the lounge and I noticed that I had been charged the extra 1/4 of a day.

I contacted their customer service and after reviewing my rental they agreed to refund me the extra cost, but I was warned that the grace period starts from the time of pick-up, opposite of what their website says.

Just food for thought



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