Last Minute Flight

One of my New Year resolutions was to travel at least once a month, even if that means just flying down to the Riviera Maya to relax for a couple of days.

Since January was upon me, I had to think quickly what to do as I had not planned any trips for this month last year.

I figured I could travel down to Mexico City or the Riviera Maya, and after checking flight prices, it seemed that Mexico City would be cheaper.

However a round trip was still in the highs 400s-500s for the weekend I could travel. After a couple of days of debating what to do, I remembered to check if there were any good trips with miles in the date I needed to fly out.

And so I checked, a one-way flight was 15,000 miles, which seem like a lot, but since I have the American Airlines Citi card, I get 10% of the miles back, so it would only cost me 13,500 miles.

So I decided that due to the ticket high cost, I was better off using miles and paying the taxes than paying for the flight, and this allowed me to go to the Riviera Maya rather than Mexico City.

Even after paying taxes, I was better using miles for my one way flight and then paying for my way back.

It always pays off to do a quick check if using miles might turn out to be a better deal for you.


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