Late Arrival at CUN

On my way to Cancun I had to choose the last flight of the day  due to my job, so I landed close to 11 PM at night. I was able to clear immigration pretty quickly and went to pick up my luggage.

 After a little while I was outside the terminal waiting for the bus to Playa Del Carmen, unfortunately I found out that the bus stand was already closed.

With several people trying to sell me taxi or shuttle services at ridiculous prices, I had to start thinking on my feet.

I first tried the ADO Movil app, and I was able to get it to pull up the following outgoing bus to Playa del Carmen.  However I found out, that to purchase a ticket I needed to have a Mexican credit/debit card, which I confirmed with the ADO call center a few minutes later.

I was advised, by the operator I was speaking with, to transfer terminals so I could catch the bus from another section of the airport where there should be a stand open to sell me a ticket.

After transferring between terminals using the Airport shuttle, I discovered that the only stand that could sell me a ticket did not take cards, so I had to buy the ticket using USD and the exchange rate was pretty bad.

If you ever have the need to land so late at Cancun make sure to have a plan to acquire bus tickets or pay for a shuttle/taxi so you do not get stuck trying to figure it out for over an hour at the airport late at night.

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