Broken IFE

During my flight to Cancun, I choose to seat on an emergency row so I could get up whenever I wanted since I was traveling solo.

After departure I tried to pull up the IFE, however to my luck it would not stay in place. It would just fall back, and if not careful, hit my leg. I was not the only one dealing with this issue, the other two passengers in my row had the same issue.

I knew that there was no point in complaining to a flight attendant as there was nothing they could do. So I waited until I had time back on the ground to contact AA. I tried twice via twitter but got no response either time.

So I finally emailed customer service and explained the situation, including the fact that I had booked this flight using miles.

A couple of days later, I received a response and was offered 2,000 miles for the inconvenience. So while not a lot of miles as an apology, this meant that my flight had only cost me 11,500 miles plus tax, which ended up being a good deal, since a one way ticket had been priced at over $250 around the time I booked my trip.

Better news  is that now Flight Attendants will have the power to credit miles for inconveniences while in the air.

However the point that I am trying to make, is that we are still customers when getting on a plane, and we do have the right to complain about issues that might make our trip less enjoyable.

Just remember to do it in a polite and professional way.


AA Gold – Preferred Seats Issues

After several months of working towards reaching Gold Status with American Airlines, I finally did last week.

One of the perks of being Gold is that you can select “Preferred Seats” at anytime for free. To some this perk might not mean much, but to me it may come in handy sometimes.

So as soon as I was shown as being Gold level in my AA app, I went ahead and tried to change my seats to preferred seats. However I was met with a weird issue to which I was unable to find an answer at first.

“Preferred Seats” were still being shown with a price, and if selected, the app would try to make me pay for them. I tried changing seats directly with AA’s website, an even though they would show to be $0 usd there, when I would submit the request it would just send me back to the Reservation Page and cancel the request.

I contacted AA in twitter, but they were not much help and asked me to call Reservations to look at this issue.

About 48 hours after I became Gold, everything began to work fine. I was able to select Preferred Seats in all my future reservations for free and did not have to call at all.

Based on my own experience I believe that even though AA’s system will show you as Gold (this happens as soon as you pass the 25,000 EQMs and they are posted) it still takes a few hours to get across that you are Gold.

If you encounter the same issue I would suggest waiting a few days, after which do not waste your time on twitter, and call Reservations or find the AA Gold Priority Line number so you can have them check it out.